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Training Schedule and Information

Local Rule 49.1 Training — Sealed Access and Service in Criminal Cases.

Access and Service of Sealed Criminal Documents

Beginning June 1, filers in criminal cases will select the parties to receive and view sealed documents. Only the filer and the applicable party selected will receive access to the sealed document. Other defendants and the public will not be able to access the document. Pursuant to Fed. R. Crim. P. 49(b)(1), certificates of service are not required when documents are served by the court's electronic case filing (ECF) system. The Sealed Criminal User's Manual has been updated to reflect these changes. Training for this new process will be conducted May 14 - June 13. Click on one of the links below to register for training.

Training at the Minneapolis Courthouse

Training at the St. Paul Courthouse

Local Rule 5.6 Training - Filing Sealed Documents in Civil Cases

On February 27, 2017, the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota implemented new Local Rule 5.6, Filing Documents Under Seal in Civil Cases. Training sessions will be held once a month through December 2017. We encourage all attorneys and their staff who file in civil cases to attend one of our training sessions. Click on the link below for further information and to register.

Training at the Minneapolis Courthouse

District Court ECF Computer Based Training Modules

The computer-based training modules listed below require speakers or headphones and the Adobe Flash Player. You can download the player free from

Filing a Stipulation

Filing a Certificate of Service

Civil Case Opening

Part 1 of the Civil Case Opening Process:
  Entering Case Data & Parties

Part 2 of the Civil Case Opening Process:
  Filing a Complaint
  Filing a Notice of Removal


ECF Criminal and Civil Filing Training

The United States District Court for the District of Minnesota provides training in the use of its Electronic Case Filing (ECF) system to all interested attorneys and law firm staff. The court encourages attorneys, paralegals, secretaries, legal assistants, and systems staff to attend training.

According to Local Rule 5.1, all documents are to be filed electronically on the Court's Electronic Case Filing system in criminal and civil cases. The benefits of ECF include: e-mail noticing of all filings, 24 hour access to file or view documents; immediate access to docket sheets and to the documents themselves; and potential for savings in copying, and courier and noticing costs.

Our training sessions provide attorneys and their staff with the knowledge necessary to use the Court's Electronic Case Filing system. Topics include:

  • How to prepare documents for electronic filing;
  • How to file electronically to ECF;
  • How to retrieve electronically filed documents;
  • How to change the electronic noticing options;
  • What to do if you have difficulties filing electronically;
  • Topics such as electronic signatures, redaction of pleadings and filing under seal.

Training will be held in the Clerk's Office, Suite 200, of the Minneapolis courthouse (300 S. 4th Street). Click HERE for location and parking information. All classes start promptly at 9:30 AM and run approximately 1.5 hours. Please click on one of the links below to view the class schedule and reigster for training.

ECF Training - Civil Filing

ECF Training - Criminal Filing

If you have further questions regarding training, please contact Leah Gilgenbach at 651-848-1103 or

Individuals seeking training in how to file electronically in bankruptcy cases should contact the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Minnesota should visit the Bankruptcy Court's website: